Jack’s late again, his mum is ill, Tom turns nasty and Meena’s fed up. Jack’s scientific, but life isn’t, though their friendship gets tested in the lab.

They discover a whole new world, and he wishes they hadn’t. Even in his dreams he’s no hero. He’s only there because Meena followed the strange boy – who knows about Jack’s father and his crystal.

View Heather Sheppard’s cover illustration
View Heather Sheppard’s cover illustration

Black flowers are bringing plague to medieval Macron. On the prince’s birthday, a tyrant takes over. But a demon has got into him, his beast and shadowhawks. What can Hakeema and three children do?

Ages 9–13.

Suitable for children who think; unsuitable for adults who don’t think

Meena Patel

Small for her age, but nobody can put her down. Doesn’t do fashion or magazines; loves... (read more)

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Jack Cooper

He worries. He panics. He’s no hero. But he’s clever. He thinks more like ... (read more)

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